Hiroaki Ambo, PhD, NSC

Hiroaki Ambo

Professor Hiroaki Ambo from Yamagata Prefectural University of Health Sciences, Japan is Doctor of Philosophy (Health Sciences), University of Tokyo (2005), Master of Health Sciences, University of Tokyo (2002), and Bachelor of Health Science in Nursing, University of Tokyo (1999). He is also Japan Registered Nurse License (RN), Certified Public Health Nurse (PHN), and Certified Psychiatric Social Worker(PSW)

During his career, he was also working as Associate Professor in Graduate school of Health Sciences Iwate Seiwa Hospital, Morioka, Iwate (2010 – 2015) were he served as Deputy Director of Community Mental Health and Psychiatry, Program Manager of mental health outreach promoting project, Morioka, Iwate, and Program Manager of mental health and suicide prevention project, Iwate. His academic records include also positions of Lecturer of Health Sciences and Nursing, Tohoku Fukushi University, Sendai, Miyagi (2006 – 2010), and Assistant Professor of Nursing, Iwate Prefectural University, Iwate (2002 – 2006).

Member of Japan Academy of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Japan Academy of Public Mental Health, Japan Academy of rehabilitation for mental disorders, Japan Psychiatric Nurses Association (JPNA), Japan Nurses Association (JNA), and reviewer for Japan journal of nursing sciences and Japan journal of psychiatric mental health nursing, he is the founder of the Caring for Concordance Program (2009– Present), and also he developed the specialized training program for Registered Nurses to adapt community mental health.
In 2017, Hiroaki Ambo has received the Best Researcher Award of Yamagata Prefectural University, and he is also working for Coalition for Higher Education for social work and care management (2009 – Present) and as instructor for Mental health Education (2008 – Present).